We had some visitors from the States this weekend. A colleague from my last project in Washinton DC was in Munich for the weekend with her husband and two friends. Another couple joined yesterday as they are in town to pick up their new BMW to bring back to the States after vacationing in Mallorca for a week.

We made the required visits to the Hofbraeuhaus on Friday night, joined for some sightseeing yesterday, and had a nice Italian dinner last night. Good times for all! M. even treated all the Americans to his favorite tradition - stinky pickles from the Viktualienmarkt. People were laughing at the site of the 6 of us walking in a line all eating huge messy pickles.

Fortunately the weather is very nice this weekend. It has really been a cold summer and lately rainy. I've been dressing like it is October instead of July.

Our garden underwent a bit of an overhaul last weekend. M. pulled all the plants that weren't making it and we weeded the whole thing. The clown flowers are gone and replaced with lavendar. It looks nice but overall I think the garden is a little haphazard. There was no master plan and we've added and removed in a trial and error approach to what works for our garden. Most importantly, we enjoy having the garden and working on it. I think it will still be some time before we have it really figured out though.

Now off to the mountains for a short hike!

Posted from Munich


Anonymous said...

I guess this is what comes from being an American, but I thought the clown flowers were cheerful. :-)

Expat Traveler said...

i just love your flowers! The lavendar sounds wonderful. I'd like it too one day, if I had a garden...