Photojournalism: Moose Head Lake

It was a fun filled action packed weekend with my sis and her boyfriend at Moosehead Lake in Maine.

I got new, ugly shoes.

The Harry Potter book arrived even in the far reaches of Maine on the first possible day.

I searched for my dream garden and found a couple.

The weather was perfect.

A lazy afternoon with BBQ and blue grass.

There were fireworks.

We went to the Finnish Farmers Hall for some folk and ballroom dancing.

Posted from Bangor, Maine


lobstah said...

Thanks for coming up Shell. It was fun seeing you :)

Schokolade Madchen said...

What's the difference between 'blue grass' and 'folk' music? Isn't 'blue grass' kind of like 'the blues'?

By the way, I bought my Dirndl! I went to Angermaier. They have a lot of different styles and price ranges and the girls are SUPER nice and helpful - at both locations.

EuroTrippen said...

Oh wow, these pictures bring back memories... we spent a little over a year in Cambridge and went out to Maine often. It was required when crossing the Bangor line to yell out in our best New England accent "Bangor, I hardly even know her!"