A trip for work combined with a visit to my parents snuck up on me but it's nice to be here. Wish I could ditch the work part though!

The flight was uneventful. It's the second time I flew Swiss over from ZRH to JFK and although they aren't the most luxurious and not quite as nice as Lufthansa, I still think they do a nice job. Rental cars are a bit different here than in Munich.

My Rental Car

The weather is much nicer than last time I was here in February. My father had the day off so we tooled around the shoreline, visiting Mystic, Bill's Seafood in Westport, the Salem Dairy Barn before heading home and picking up some T-bone steaks for tonight's BBQ if the weather holds up. I guess it's an eating tour of Connecticut.

Mystic, Connecticut

Bill's Seafood

Salem Dairy

Fat Randy has dropped some weight. He was happy to see me even if he was confused about who I am.
Posted from East Hampton


Expat Traveler said...

how beautiful! I love the pics and lots of pretty flowers.

By the way, what type of rental car was that?

Michelle said...

Thanks! The car is a Kia Sportage. Kind of fun to drive around but not much power.

vailian said...

Yeah, I always wondered what it is with cars in America-- they all have these humonguous engines but climbing even mild hills they wheeze and complain.