Thoughts from JFK

The sun is sinking over the water and the runways and all the activity is focused on getting the outbound jets ready for their trips over the Atlantic. Carts and baggage are racing around in the late afternoon glare. I can see what I think is the Verrazano Bridge, which I crossed over several hours ago on my way back from Philadelphia.

M. and I spent the last night of the trip in Philly visiting some of my friends. We had cheesesteaks for lunch - M. did an excellent job ordering this time! We dined at my favorite Philly restaurant, Pod, in celebration of one my buddy's birthdays. I can't remember the last time I ate so much at once... delicious as always but I feel like a walrus! I suppose there will always be something special about Philly to me. I'm sure that sounds funny but coming there always feels like coming home. I've been there twice now with M. and he likes it too. If we come back, that grungy city is near the top of my list of places I would want to live.

Jims steaks on South Street

New York was great too. We saw the Lion King and had great seats right up front. From beginning to end I loved this musical. It was anything but subtle but I had to admire the imagination that went into the costume and the sets. The performaces were all spot on. We also went up into the Empire State building. I had never done that before and for a February day we had good weather and good views. New York is a special place. Just seeing all the flags from around the world hanging in apartment windows, feeling the energy of the city, knowing what it symbolizes to so many, thinking about all the hopes and dreams that lived and died there - I've never been to another city like it.

I enjoyed watching the Oscars live on TV. What can I say? I love to see what everyone is wearing. We tried to catch up on a few of the nominees while we here, seeing The Devil Wears Prada, The Departed, An Inconvenient Truth and Little Miss Sunshine. I was hoping to also see The Lives of Others so I could see it with subtitles but it wasn't out yet. An Inconvenient Truth certainly had me thinking. Regardless of your feelings on Gore or Global Warming, I think this is a must see for everyone. The comparison of the scientific literature on global warming vs. what is presented in the popular press was what struck me the most.

Spring training is in full swing now and it's been great to catch some games and hear the predictions. I was lurking around a bit on some of the Sox sites to hear the Hot Stove talk the last few weeks and now in a sure sign that spring is coming, the first balls have been thrown and my score alerts have started popping up on my laptop. Somehow, someway, I hope I make it to Fenway this summer.

So, sitting at the airport, 5 lbs heavier, I know another trip is winding down. I miss my family and the fat boy Randy already. It's tough to leave my friends and my comfort zone again. A little dream was born of living here again with M. and lingers on but who knows how it will turn out. I got my last dose of country music (yeah, yeah I know) riding up the NJ turnpike, perfectly fitting for a day of farewells. Already my thoughts wander. As I sit on American soil, my thoughts already are on the next days of readjustment and getting back to work.

Randy knows the answers to Global Warming. If only we would listen.

Posted from New York


J said...

yum! Jims! Cheesesteaks! Glad to see I'm not the only one that loves Philly. I totally loved living there. You're right, it's a bit grungy but it's definitely got soul.

lobstah said...

Wasn't the Lion King so fun? I really enjoyed that one.
I always thought there was a genius mind lurking in that little cat brain!