Single Woman

Well, at least for one weekend.

M. and I parted ways in Munich on Monday morning, not to see each other again until next Friday. He has a company ski trip this weekend and I decided that I would stay in Basel to take a break from the travel.

I love M. with all my heart but I don't mind having a weekend to myself once in awhile. Before I met M. I had been single for nearly two years so I had gotten used to being a one-woman show. This meant incredible flexibility and freedom and it's nice to get a little taste of that every once in awhile again.

So what to do?

I have my handy Lonely Planet guide for Switzerland out and am thinking maybe a day trip. Although I have been living in Switzerland for over a year, I have seen little more than Basel, the ZRH airport and the Indian embassy at Bern. That is downright pathetic. I still haven't been to any of the museums in Basel either. Also pathetic. I'm curious about the zoo here or would be happy just to walk around and work on my Basel photography.

M.'s family invited me for a visit so I could head over to Loerrach. It's always great to see his parents, sister and his little niece, who is a year and a half old and getting cuter everyday.

There are usually quite a few expats from work around looking for some people and some fun so I could hook up with them and see what unfolds.

Another option would be a Day of Sport & Pampering Deluxe. A nice long run or walk, followed by some form of spa treatment, a matinee and a home cooked meal are all part of the package.

I could spend some time catching up with friends and family, writing those long neglected emails and making some much needed phone calls. I could catch up on my German lessons. I could lay around, read a good book and be generally lazy. And my plants need repotting...

Hmm.. sounds like I need a few weekends to tackle even a few of these ideas!

Posted from Basel


vailian said...

I would make a day trip to Montreux (the air there has great restorative powers), or maybe Konstanz (I lived there for a while and loved it) or Strassburg (great food).

Michelle said...

Thanks for the suggestions Vailain - I'll have a look and see if one of those would work!