The Remains of the Weekend

Another weekend coming to a close and it's back to the grind tomorrow.

Random bits:

* I washed 15 pairs of pantyhose today. I just kept buying new ones and the dirty pile got bigger and bigger but today I motivated and washed them all. That should last awhile!

* I missed Fastnacht this year since I was in the States. I got a little taste today though as for whatever reason the fifes and drums were running around playing their racket in the SBB today.

* I had lunch with M.'s parents and spent the afternoon there. The weather wasn't the greatest so we skipped the walk and headed to the garden shop to look around. I think I picked out some of the next plants I want to add to our garden. M.'s niece is as cute as a button and when I left I said 'bye bye' and she repeated it. First English words!

* In a bit of technological bad luck, I have in the last weeks broken my camera by dropping it (not just once, but twice) and my DVD player has been on the fritz. Tonight I bought the next installment of the Lost series and was resigned to watching it on my laptop when for some reason the DVD player has decided to work again. No such luck with my camera.

* I miss my little garden in Munich. I can't wait to see it next weekend.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

Posted from Basel


vailian said...

I am sure it gets tedious after a while, but those drum/fife riffs plus the amazing masks are quite haunting and unique to Basel

lobstah said...

Sounds like a fun weekend even if the weather wasn't completely cooperative. Looks like spring is coming there what with the daffodils and everything! No such luck here.