A Trip to the States

It's confirmed! I will be heading home for a couple of weeks at the end of February. It's hard to believe it will be 6 months since I've been back. M. decided it would be fun to tag along so he's going off to work as faculty for a week in the dear city where we met and then joining me afterwards.

I'm hoping to squeeze in a trip to Philadelphia to visit some friends with him too. Nothing is more fun than watching a German try to follow the unspoken rules of properly ordering a cheesesteak. Well, almost nothing!

I want to spend plenty of time with my family and fat Randy the cat. If there is any snow I'd like to go skiing for a day or two. I have the usual doctors checkups and shopping for deodorant, Carmex, spearmint gum and other goodies that are lacking here.

Best of all, it will be fantastic to relax, cook some nice meals and enjoy the cold New England winter. Or the global warming induced everlasting spring. Whatever. I'm looking forward to it.


vailian said...

Don't we all have our lists of things we do the minute the plane lands? I just wander the supermarket aisles (yes, at midnight or whatever!) and gaze in awe at the wall of breakfast cereals (I miss grapenuts and all-bran) and the snack heaven (the original Cheetos!.. which reminds me of a joke, but it is mildly off-colour...)

Ola said...

Oh, how exciting! Good for you! February should hold some nice weather too!

Anonymous said...

Make sure he has it from Jimmy's and get the hot peppers in oil and of course whiz on it.

Christina said...

You had to mention cheesesteak didn't you. I am having serious cheesesteak cravings and am still trying to figure out what exactly I'm going to do about them!

My first stop after getting off the plane: day spa and hair cut. Have fun!

Expat Traveler said...

I imagine the highlight is buying stuff you really need, that which I totally miss also!