The Juicer

We all have our obsessions. Usually a short-lived infatuation, we are overcome with an idea, completely smitten, and will let nothing stop us until we get what we want. Sometimes its just a blueberry cake donut, other times its a fresh start at a new gym.

The last couple of weeks there has been a constant buzz from M. I should have seen the signs of a new passion brewing. When I was away at work the first week after the holiday, M. had had fallen hard. By the time I got back, it was too late. He was at the point of no return.

With a mouse click our lives had reached a pivotal moment.

We were going to have fresh juice. Everyday. Anytime we wanted. We are soon to become the proud owners of a juicer.

While we were sitting on the train in Basel this weekend, M. said, let's play a game. You name a juice we can make, then I'll name a juice we can make.

Apparently my level of enthusiasm and my suggestions were both inadequate. My fruits were out of season. They had too many pits. There was no multi-juice mixing. Only when I suggested cranberry was I even remotely in the neighborhood of the level of intensity this game required.

We went to dinner with some friends on Sunday night. S. from the UK suggested apple-carrot-ginger. M.'s eyes lit up! Now he had someone who shared his passion.

The next day at work I asked S., how did you come up with that? She had been subjected to a juice machine fanatic in a past life.

All I know is I better learn some good juice recipes fast, before the next round of the juice game, and more importantly, before boredom with the juicer sets in and it joins our other past loves in the clutter of our basement.

Posted from Basel


Ola said...

Enjoy your new juicer! I have a new breadmaker since Christmas and it's making bread for us every day :-) ... still... since Christmas!

Runaway Rubber Duckie said...

Wow - I used to work in a juice bar. There's a lot of options out there! Orange-carrot, Orange-Carrot-Beet-Apple.. good luck with that!

Schokolade Madchen said...

At least your obsession is healthy! Currently, I am manic about my new waffle iron and how many new flavors I can create. Apple cinnamon, strawberry banana, vanilla chocolate chip, and so on. Thanks for listing me -SCHokolade Madchen- on your sidebar! Danke!

Ola said...

Hi, juicing girl! I just tagged you with 6 weird things about you :-) Check it out!

Expat Traveler said...

I'm noticing a pattern here... Everything is posted from Basel....

Not that, that is a bad thing or anything... LOL