We paid a visit yesterday to our favorite ski spot, Hochfuegen. I'm not sure it's my favorite since I haven't been to too many others but it is where we go for most of our day trips from Munich.

The snow was a bit mushy and brown but there was enough to ski on. Compared to last year, when the dominant colors were ice blue and powder white, the colors this year were evergreen and brown. I didn't take any pictures this time since the scenery and weather weren't so inspiring.

The new skis and boots treated me well. My ski edges are super sharp so I really was able to trust them over the varied snow conditions and carving was a breeze. I think the boots feel really stiff and are a little upright for my liking but M. says that's how they should be.

I gave my first black slope a try and ended up skiing it three times during the day (#6 on the map below). I was tricked into it the first time and was a bit intimidated but it got better as I got my ski legs back. At the end of the day I looked at up at the slope from the parking lot and remembered it was one I said there was no way I would do in my whole life last year. So it was a successful, fun day and I conquered new territory. Now I just hope we get some snow!


Posted from Munich


Ola said...

Skiing seazon in full swing, eh? :-) Gooooood stuff! Can't wait to go skiing too, haven't gone this winter yet!

vailian said...

Good you found some snow-- it is pretty rare this year!