Weekend Getaway

So while most people I know will be sitting around watching football and parades and eating turkey and punkin' pie, M. and I are off for a birthday getaway. A few weeks ago, I got a message from M. asking me if I could take a couple of days off for a surprise. I could, so I did.

Then he let me in on the surprise. M. had planned for us to go for a long weekend in Rome for his birthday! Neither of us have been to Rome before and are looking forward to a great time in Italy.

Four days, no work and all with my charming, funny and handsome boyfriend. Yippeee!

For those back home in the States and ex-pats abroad...

Happy Thanksgiving!!
And Happy Birthday, Hunny!

Posted from Basel


Ola said...

Have a great time exploring Rome! Hope to see some pictures from your trip. :-)

J said...

Have a great time! Rome is fantastic.

ann said...

nice job with the bird,same to you and yours, and have a great trip!