Fall Hike

I'm full of good intentions for all the things I want to do in my spare time but it seems like I live to work instead of working to live. Most of the time I like my job but it is also a black hole for time. Tomorrow marks the go-live date that we have worked so hard to reach for the last 10 months for me and even longer for others. As exhausting and complicated as the last few days are from all angles, there is something exhilirating about finally seeing the product go live.

M. came to Basel for the weekend and we were hoping to have some down time together but between Friday and Sunday I worked over 50 hours and we had about 2 very late night hours to hang out all weekend. Needless to say I'm ready for this weekend to kick back and relax.

I'm dreaming up our next home project for the weekend. I feel a trip to Ikea coming on. I'm not a big fan actually but a couple of months ago I ordered some black and white photos and now I want to get some frames to hang them in. Time to put some more personal touches in our home.

It's Halloween tonight but I can't tell here. I have a ceramic pumpkin candle holder and he's lit up and laughing at me but that's the only sign of Halloween here. It's strange when you are living outside the US how oblivious you can be to what is going on back home.

We went on a hike a couple weekends ago and it was beautiful! Peak fall color and a warm afternoon. Now that's a perfect day.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful fall photos! It almost looks like the Shenandoah Valley back home.

lobstah said...

Pretty pictures! It looks kinda like N.E. fall colors!

Expat Traveler said...

wow - it's so beautiful!!! Which area did you go to?