Almost Here

The weekend is almost here!

Strangely, the last week has been relatively calm. Work is chugging along and well. I've been leaving by latest 8 every night and my communication/lobbyist role is paying off as we track just about on schedule. I found out before vacation what the men at work are so afraid in Scotland - an extremely competent woman who won't accept anything less from others. She's one of my favorites to work with.

M. is on his way here as I write this. I think every relationship goes through its ups and downs and we for sure have ours but right now I am happy as can be knowing that we will spend the weekend in Basel with each other, his family and my other ex-pat friends who are usually here on the weekends since the trip home is too far away.

A friend of mine just had her first little girl after many disappointments and another just sent good news that everything is coming along just fine in the final stretch of a high risk pregnancy. It makes me happy to see them so happy.

I was thinking about what J asked in my previous post, about voting this year. I have to confess I did not organize any voting for myself. I usually do vote but I really have no opinion on Connecticut politics. I don't know how abyone here can stay engaged on a local level but I give them credit for putting the effort in. There is only limited coverage here on a national level and I barely follow that anymore. I know, shame, shame.

My parents made it home safe and sound and M. is much relieved that fat Randy is alive and well after spending the week at the vet. I know he secretly loves that cat. Everyone does. How can you not love a face like this?

Posted from Basel


Jessica Brogan said...

I found your blog randomly. I thought it was quite interesting. I had too have cow pictures.


is my blog. I live in Neuchatel, and thankfully (i think) i'm learning french not german :)


J said...

I have to say that I'm not involved in local politics anymore, but one of my idiot Senators is up for reelection and I had to vote against him. I also knew that I wanted the same gov. Other than that, I had to email a relative in my 'voting state' to find out who else I should vote for.

I've always been of the opinion that if you don't vote, you can't complain - and I love to complain.

Ola said...

That's a sweet cat. That photo is great!