I took a Rickshaw to Lunch Today...

and other adventures in India...

We went to lunch today 'off-campus' at a hookah bar. Don't read that with a Boston accent, please. According to Wikipedia, a hookah is a 'device for smoking'. I'm not sure what exactly you smoke but the menu had about 14 different decadent chocolate desserts, including ones called Vertigo, Gooey Fudge, Brownie Bomb and Choco-Latte, as well as 30 kinds of milkshake so make what you will of that. We started off with a bowl of chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate cake, chocolate brownies, truffles and chocolate sauce. Then we had a panini for the main course and a choco-latte for dessert. And no, we didn't smoke anything but it was fun to watch.

We took rickshaws to lunch. These are motorized, pollution spewing three wheeled vehicles that circle the city in droves (they aren't allowed inside because they kick out so much exhaust). I honestly am not sure my insurace would cover a rickshaw accident but we had a couple of close calls. I giggle when I see a fleet of them coming down the road because they remind me of something out of Star Wars.

I've been working like crazy at strange hours too because we are staying on a European clock. We come to work at 11 and leave between 9 and 11 and nobody in Mumbai has less than an hour commute. This puts a damper on fun time but tonight I was walking by the hotel club and was invited in by a co-ed group who were short a couple of girls. In Mumbai, the club scene requires that people don't show up stag or they have to pay a lot more. Anyway, the club was playing all the Bollywood hits and let me tell you, this crowd could dance! The girls were trying to teach me some of the Bollywood dances but I'm sure I looked like quite a fool. I didn't stay too long but yes, Mom and Dad, both in the club and on the streets you can see people breaking out into Bollywood style dancing. Not quite as choreographed but you see it.

The people here are so nice and everyone wants to talk to you and help if they can. Everyone always gets a mischievous look in their eye and a big smile when they hear it is my first time in India, like they know a secret I don't. Whatever it is, this place has a soul and the people a passion for life that is centered around familly, friends and sharing a good time.

Posted From Mumbai

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