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The first blog I ever read was Culture Shock and the Blond Librarian. When I met M. a couple of years ago, I wanted to know what others had gone through in their international relationships. I didn't know anyone personally who had been through the experience so I started looking. In time I came across an expat web-site that had a link for a the Blond Librarian's blog.

I knew nothing about blogs then, not even what they were, but I was immediately drawn to the concept because as unique as my situation seemed to me, I now knew that somewhere out there other people had been through my experience and maybe I could learn from them. I read through BL's experiences, her ups and downs, and got my first idea of what I could expect if I moved to Germany. In time I found other blogs from the expat community and reading about those experiences helped to shape my future and my decisions.

I was sorry to read recently that BL and her husband have decided to part ways. BL will be returning to the States in a few weeks. It happens to the best of us; I know, I have been through it. Although I have never even exchanged emails or comments with her, I wish her a happy return and all the best in her new life.


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megan said...

Another one bites the dust.

I'd wondered too when her site went quiet if that was the reason. Then the questions becomes whether to stay or go back. She's going home. Petiteanglais recently ended her long-term relationship as well... but is sticking around in Paris, for the moment at least...