Photojournalism: Gameday Brasil-Australien

Quick Weekend Updates:

1. Still in first in the football pool. Thought it was over today when I realized I picked Japan to win and the entire rest of the pool picked Croatia. Saved by a 0-0 score.

2. My favorite game so far was the Italy-USA game last night. I can't believe my favorite game ended in a 1-1 tie. However if there were points awarded for carrying off the other team in stretchers it would be USA 4: Italy 0.

3. I think I've watched more games than M., although he wins points for watching games with more people (fanfest Hamburg, 70,000 people).

4. I learned my first football fight song:

Und 1, und 2, und 3, und 54 - 74 - 90 - 2006
ja da stimmen wir alle ein
mit dem Herz in der Hand
und der Leidenschaft im Bein
werden wir Weltmeister sein!

5. And now the photos. These were all taken on Marienplatz earlier today. Gotta go..game's on!

Posted from Munich

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KJ said...

if it makes you feel better on the east coast it is hot and humid like usual.... and everyones AC is breaking

out here in WA its about 65 with a bit of humidity... but not so bad... been decent so far....

Sox won today (sunday) ... was awesome

Yanks lost in a walk off misery Sunday.... but.... even better they had a 9-2 lead and blew it on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!

Was awesome yet again.... oh well... talk soon