Pearl Jam

Almost 14 years since the last time I heard Eddie Vedder live and absolutely nothing's changed
... same amazing voice. Some of the songs still give me chills.

From the last time, with my sister in Mass.:
Lollapalooza 1992 consisted of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Ministry, Lush, Jesus and Mary Chain, Ice Cube and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The play order was typically, PJ, Soundgarden and the RHCP finishing.
Tonight at the United Center in Chicago, I couldn't help but drift back to memories of my college days... standing with my boyfriend on a broken down old couch, belting out PJ to a silly Dalmatian who didn't know what to make of us. But she wagged her tail just in case it was a good thing. And we thought it would never end.

Posted from Illinois


Expat Traveler said...

for me memories of about 13 or so years ago of them feel like just yesterday. I somehow know what you are feeling... It's a good thing... And that emotion from being in Chicago...

kj said...

the good thing about this all is youve finally decided to post more regularly!

lobstah said...

Remember when someone stuck a Metallica bumper sticker onto Dad's car at that concert? I always laugh when I remember that!