Bebbi Sagg

Last night I was walking into my apartment building with my suitcase, mail, laptop and groceries for the week. As I struggled with the keys and all these packages, something in the entrance hall caught my eye.

What is this?

Is that an UNOFFICIAL garbage bag?

Did somebody throw garbage in the dumpster without a Bebbi Sagg???

What is this world coming to? Our building is going downhill fast with this type of element moving in. At least someone left them a note to straighten them out (Nur Officielle Bebbi Sagg bitte).

I walked on by and just shook my head. Newbies.

Posted from Basel


Gretchen said...

Don't you just love the moment when you realize you're no longer the newbie?!

J said...

LOL - I almost died laughing after remembering your experience.

I hope you gave them the German Fuck Off Sigh too.

The Big Finn said...

Our next door neighbors mistakenly put out their paper recycling in a paper shopping bag instead of wrapping it up in a bundle with recycling twine. The Hauswart went through the paper until she found something with their name on it, and then SHE STUFFED THE PAPER INTO THEIR MAILBOX. They were so ticked off that they now just put all their paper and cardboard in their garbage bags.

Expat Traveler said...

very funny... yeah it feels good to actually know what you are doing...