Lost In Translation: Plums

Two Germans, a Dutchman, a Brit, and two Amerians were sitting around finishing up lunch at the cafeteria.

We were discussing home remedies for all sorts of ailments and as a vicious flu/cold bug had just swept through the project in the last couple of weeks, people are in varying stages of recovery.

American 1: My sinuses are still soooo congested. (turning to Dutchman) Do you have any home remedies for congestion?
Dutchman: I have a perfect remedy! Plums!
American 2 (me, also a chemist in a former life): Now what on earth might be in plums that would help someone who is congested?
Brit: I believe she means congestion at the upper half of the body, not the lower.
American 2: *snorting*
American 1 (to Dutchman): You are thinking of constipation, not congestion.
American 2: *tears streaming down her face*
German 1 and 2: *looking at us like we are all crazy*

Posted from Basel


Expat Traveler said...

haha - now that is funny! Gotta love working in a Worldly environment

Haddock said...

That is excellant! so funny. Love the bit that the Germans didn't understand it at all :)

christina said...

LOL!! Yes, it would take days to explain that one to the Germans...