Happy New Year

Less than 30 minutes to New Year's in Germany and just over 6 hours until New Years in Washington...

The last few days have been filled with ups and downs and lots of emotion as I said goodbye for now to Connecticut and my parents, grandparents and sister.

I welcomed M. to the States again on Wednesday and we've been running around trying to simultaneously enjoy our last few days here and also get ready for the move.

Just a few of the things we've been up to:
- Dinner at Ruth's Chris for a bon voyage dinner with two of my best college friends and their husbands. I will miss them but they made a very sweet offer to be my American connection for exports/imports in case there is anything I just have to have.
- Bought a new ski coat and pants and am almost slope ready now! Wheeeeeeeeeee!
- Waded through a pile of bureaucratic paperwork and phone calls... they still aren't done but getting there!
- Saw Les Miserable at the National Theater in DC. I loved it but it got me pretty choked up.
- Cooked my homemade spaghetti sauce with sausage and watched March of the Penguins. Those penguins are way too cute and fascinating!

On a side note, I found it hilarious that M. was disgusted by the sausage in the spaghetti sauce. He looked like it was the most repulsive thing he'd ever seen. It's kind of ironic given that I tried this-wurst and that-wurst in Munich this fall and I'm sure they had things in there that I don't even want to think about. He was surprised when I was a little hesitant about trying these 'delicious, traditional foods'. Now change the context slightly and throw some Italian sausages in pasta sauce and suddenly... ewwwww!!! What are you making?? That looks disgusting! LOL!

I wish everyone a great New Year and hope 2006 brings health, happiness and peace to all!

Posted from Washington, DC


Haddock said...

Happy New Year from Germany!

Berlinbound said...

I truly wish you well ... In the coming days and weeks you will experience so many changes ... I hope that all of them are good. One thing: Bring all the dental floss, odd pharmacy items, shampoo and other personal hygeine items you love with you - in quantity. They may exist here - but I have had one hell of a time finding things. I willbe sending myself a huge CARE package when I am next in the states.

Peace ...

christina said...

Can't wait to hear what your first impressions are when you get to Europe next week, Michelle.

Ditto on stocking up on all your favourite toiletries, although I think you said you'd already taken care of that. And ahem, if you're partial to certain name brand feminine hygeine products starting with 'T' and ending with 'ax', bring tons of those because you can't get them here, much to my annoyance.

Happy New Year and happy packing!

Expat Traveler said...

Hi Michelle,

First time visiting your site. It will be wonderful to hear of your adventures in Munich. Oh so close to Garmische and good skiing in Austria and close enough to enjoy a visit to Switzerland.

kj said...

Good luck, have fun, take care. Hope you use those ski clothes :-)

Kyle (currently in VT)

rebecca said...

Good luck to you in the next few days....between all the beurocracy and shopping, hard as it is, don't forget to enjoy the move. The first weeks are whirlwind of things not working, going wrong, not being able to find stuff, but also of general amazement about cultural differences (that you don't really see until you go to live somewhere), incredible landscapes (that are suddenly so close by) and old cities (that are suddenly a day-trip away). Hear from you on "the other side"!

Dixie said...

First time visiting you here as well. You must be so excited about your big move! Be patient with yourself while you're making the transition - it'll be tough sometimes but worth it!

Good luck!